Medicare Wonder Woman
"If you are too big to serve, you're too small to lead." ~Rich Williamson Jr. 
Who I am. 
My name is Rebecca Davis and I am the Medicare Wonder Woman because I take the Wonder out of Medicare. I am also the owner of Kannonball Insurance Solutions LLC. With the help of my amazing team, we will take care of all your Medicare questions and needs!

What I Believe.

I believe that Medicare is Complicated, but I  also believe it doesn’t have to be!
What I do. 
I help seniors navigate through the trenches of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid all while guiding them to be able to make the right choices about their future health coverage needs. With the rising costs of health care, deductibles, and coinsurance it's important to have the proper plan in place. We break everything down for you in 3 easy steps so it's understandable and then you can make an informed decision about your personal needs.

Behind the Shield
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